Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Facts and Myths about DNA Testing

DNA testing is taking a special place in the field of research. It acts as a basis of various important fields such as forensic science, medicine, genealogy, agriculture and more. Nowadays, DNA testing is also used to solve legal cases. Generally, DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) testing involves the testing of paternity or any other family relationship. There is no doubt that you all know about DNA testing but still there are some things that are almost mythical about this testing.

1.    Myth : DNA testing is very much costly

Fact: There is too much advancement in technology especially for medical purposes which also make DNA testing more affordable. Now, you can also buy a home DNA testing kit from your nearby medical shop and send the sample to laboratory in less than $90. If you require DNA testing for other purposes such as child’s custody or security, there can be some additional cost but not that much that you can’t afford.

2.     Myth : These tests break privacy

Fact : Hospitals and doctors take these cases as confidential. There is a fine procedure to take care of your privacy.

3.     Myth: You can’t determine paternity if the child isn’t born yet.

Fact: As, mentioned above, with the technology advancement, it is possible to carry out the procedure for DNA testing even when the child is not born yet but it may affect the health of the child. Other options are also available such as NIPP (Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity) but they are too expensive.

4.     Myth: DNA tests are too much painful

 Fact: No, there are no needles involved in DNA testing that can cause any pain while taking samples for the test. The test samples for DNA are taken with cheek swabs that are not painful. If you are doing it at home, DNA testing kits contain the full procedure. So, don’t worry, DNA testing is a pain-free procedure. If you read any other health living blog you will find the same answer that DNA testing is not painful.

5.     Myth: DNA testing affects family relationship

Fact: Yes it can, but only in case when someone has paternity doubt and results are negative. Otherwise, it can give precision to make the important decision for them after knowing the truth. It can also resolve issues with child adoption, immigration and lots more. It has a number of positive outcomes. Instead of living in doubt, it is better to live with truth and accept it.

6.     Myth: DNA testing is a time-consuming process.

Fact: Many people think that DNA testing consumes a lot of time. This is not true! However, it totally depends on the lab you choose for DNA testing. Some laboratories may take 1-2 days to give test results while some can take 3-4 days also.

7.     Myth: DNA tests reports are not always accurate

Fact: This is totally wrong! DNA test reports are 100 % accurate. Usually, the chances for positive test results for paternity tests are more than 99.99%. Recognized laboratories follow all medical guidelines for DNA test procedure carefully.